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Keep Your Children Safe With A Monitored Security System

September 19, 2011

Kienan Hebert

“To the rest of the world 9-11 means New York.  9-11 to Paul Hebert means Kienan.”

The parents of a toddler missing for four days thanked the person believed to be his abductor after the boy was returned safely to their Sparwood, B.C. home.

Sparwood’s acting mayor Sharon Fraser paid the Hebert family a visit and said:

“I’ve never heard of this happening.  I’ve never heard of a child being abducted and then returned inside the same home.  To me it’s nothing short of a miracle,” said Fraser.  “It just scares the heck out of me.”

Any parent will tell you that of everything in their lives, their kids are the most valuable. No wonder parents spend most of their time worrying about the best interests and safety of their children.

What parents need to understand is that a security system is not just about guarding against theft.  A monitored security system’s most valuable function is protecting your children.

The most obvious way a security system protects your kids is at night.  Before the family goes to bed, activate your alarm system in the “Stay” mode, meaning the perimeter of your home is secured.  Now everyone can feel safe and sound.  This of course will work best when your security system includes sensors on each and every door and window in the house as well as attic, basement and storm cellar with hidden vulnerabilities.

“…the boy’s parents brushed away tears as they pleaded for their son’s safe return at a police-organized news conference.  They appeared as police confirmed that their son had been kidnapped from his home.  Kienan has a history of sleepwalking, and many were hoping he had perhaps just wandered away.”  Thank goodness, this story had a happy ending!

A properly designed security system with tight perimeter protection including door and window contacts, would have alerted the Hebert family if their son had simply wandered away sleepwalking.  More importantly, Randall Hopley would not have been able to enter their home undetected.  The siren going off would have most likely scared him away.

“Police said a second abduction attempt happened at another home on the evening of Kienan Hebert’s abduction unsuccessfully to lure another child out of the home.”  It is time to get serious about keeping our children safe.

Another important way a security system helps keep your kids safe is when they are home alone or with a babysitter.  Keeping a perimeter alarm active will provide you with peace of mind knowing they have more than just locks guarding them.  If something does happen, you will be alerted immediately by your security system provider.

A security system can even help you keep an eye on your kids when you’re away.  If you choose to add video surveillance options to your security sytem, you will be able to monitor your home from inside the house, or remotely.  Ask for options that allow you to access your security system’s video feed from an iPhone, Blackberry and other PDA’s.

For parents who are away from their home at work or elsewhere, they might want to consider a security system capable of monitoring for fire, flood, carbon monoxide and significant temperature fluctuations in their home.  If anything goes wrong, the monitored security system can call for help, even if your kid’s are not able to so themselves.

A monitored security system can do so much more than guarding against theft.  It protects what is most important to you – your children.

If you don’t have a security system, if your current system is not monitored or if you are not happy with your current security provider, call me for a free, no-obligation consultation.
You will be glad you did!
Ulli Robson, Security Specialist, (780) 288-2986

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