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When Selling Your Home Put Your Valuables Away!

March 5, 2012

Do you display your watch on the dash when you are selling your car? Of course not!

When selling your house you want to put your valuables away.

You are inviting complete strangers to walk through your home. You don’t know who they are and what their true intentions might be. Theft during a home showing is rare. Especially when you are represented by a professional agent who will have pre-screened any potential buyer.

Occasionally, “lifters” show up at Open Houses. They often show up in a group, and make it impossible for the person showing the home to keep track of their actions as they move from room to room, out of sight. They often look for prescription drugs and easy to conceal valuables.

Remove the temptation!

Don’t leave your watch, jewellery, purse or wallet in plain view. Your camera, rings, cash (dahhh!!!), anything pocket sized, put it away!

And it is not only jewellery, money, credit cards etc. that sellers should put away while their home is on the market. Do not underestimate the threat of identity theft. Leaving your computer on with an open e-mail account? Not a good idea! Your cheque book on the kitchen counter? Mail with account numbers from creditors? Don’t even think about it. How about your credit card statement pinned with a magnet to your fridge as a reminder to pay it…

Smart phone technology allows anyone walking through your home to take a photo of any information left in plain view to be used later. Sometimes much later! Again, incidences like these are rare during showings & open houses. My advice: better safe than sorry!

Out of sight, out of mind.

Keep valuables away from sticky fingers. If you don’t already have one, open a safety deposit box at your bank. Worth every penny when it comes to important documents, jewellery, coin collections, you get the idea.

Beware that people will open your closets (to inspect for coveted space) and drawers. Keep that in mind when de-cluttering and putting things away.

When selling your home, you are planning to move anyway. Why not pack away some of your special things a bit early and play it safe. Why not rent a storage unit and start with putting your valuables in a box and lock them up. Valuable art pieces in your home? You might want to consider a climate controlled storage unit. Don’t tempt a thief with 20+ years of experience to show up later to break into your home.

Don’t discount the danger!

There is nothing secure about advertising your home is for sale. By using a Realtor, you gain some level of security. By the time a Realtor brings a buyer to your home, they will know quite a lot about them. However, your agent has no way of screening visitors to an Open House. That leaves little protection for you or the Realtor should just one of the visitors be up to no good. Be prepared as much as you can. When selling your home put your valuables away!

If you don’t have a security system or don’t have it monitored, call me for a free, no-obligation consultation. You will be glad you did!

Ulli Robson, Security Specialist, (780) 288-2986


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