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What Does An Onion Have To Do With Security?

March 26, 2012

Alarm systems and cameras act as a deterrent to crime. If an intruder has the choice between a home with stickers advertising a security system and a home without obvious signage, guess which one he or she is going to pick.

However, the alarm system does not actually prevent an intruder from getting in. It does not provide a physical barrier, but rather a psychological barrier. An alarm system should never be your only line of defense. It should be one of many measures to secure your home.

Security should be like an onion. There are many layers that need to be peeled. The more layers of protection, the longer it takes a would-be-intruder to get in.

Break-ins typically happen because of quick and easy opportunity. They are usually not planned in advance. Most break and enters take place in minutes.

When I grew up, we didn’t feel the need to lock our doors. Come to think of it, many people today neglect to lock their front door.

Leaving a door unlocked and valuables like your purse, walled, car keys, or laptop in open view is a recipe for disaster. Your door and lock are the first physical barrier to unlawful entry into your home. Locking your doors should be the first layer of your security.

Let’s look at your locks. Make sure they are solid. Again, sound locking devices cannot make your home completely impregnable, however they can deter a would-be-burglar.

A common type of lock is the key-in-knob or spring latch type. It can be easily defeated by the most amateur burglar with a credit card or screwdriver inserted between the latch and strike plate. This lock offers no security and should be suplemented by a single or double cylinder deadbolt lock.

A single cylinder deadbolt lock should be mounted on a solid wood core door when there is no breakable glass within a meter (40 inches) of the door lock. The single cylinder deadbolt lock has a thumb turn on the inside.

Do you have glass doors, a door with a window, or is there a side light next to your door? An intruder can access your home by breaking the glass and turn the thumb turn of your lock to open the door.

If there is glass within reaching distance of the interior locking device, a double cylinder deadbolt lock should be used, which is key-operated from both the interior and exterior. If you have a lock with a removable thumb turn, an intruder cannot unlock the door by breaking the glass and reaching through.

Warning: The use of a double cylinder deadbolt lock can be a fire hazard. If you are removing the key or thumb turn, leave it somewhere near the lock (but out of reach of a burglar reaching through the glass). Train your kids on the use of the lock. Make sure every family member knows the exact location of the key.

Intruders prefer to avoid glass if possible for obvious reasons: noise and the chance of cutting themselves. However, many break-ins do occur through glass. An excellent security barrier is the installation of security laminate. It is a clear film bonded to existing glass, making the glass nearly impenatratable. While the glass will crack, an intruder will not be able get through.

Security is all about layers of protection. The most sophisticated alarm system will do you no good if you leave your front door unlocked. Frustrate would-be-intruders by depriving them of their biggest asset, a quick and easy entry. The more layers of security, the better your odds of staying safe.

If you don’t have a security system or don’t have it monitored, call me for a free, no-obligation consultation. You will be glad you did!

Ulli Robson, Security Specialist, (780) 288-2986.

For complete peace of mind, stay…SafewithUlli!

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