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Can You Trust Your Security Provider? Are You Sure?

June 4, 2012

Even though it has been suggested that I use my blog to expose the security industry, it is just not my style to do so. I do not believe in doing business by bad-mouthing the competition. As a matter of fact, there are many security specialists that I highly respect and even support.

However, when I heard about a very disturbing practice by one particular company that I won’t name, I decided to publish an alert and open people’s eyes.

Security is a trustworthy service. Trust should be the very first factor when choosing a security provider. In most cases you enter into a long-term monitoring contract with your security provider, a business relationship whose basis needs to be trust.

When I gain a new client who decides it is time to have a security system installed and monitored for peace of mind for his or her loved ones, the choice is often to have the monitoring charges automatically withdrawn from a checking account or credit card. It is simple to set up without the need to pay yet another bill every month.

Here is where the shocking news comes in. Most people no longer receive a hard copy of their bank statement. Banking is more and more done on-line. Unfortunately, that makes it easier for people to forget to closely check their bank statement on a regular basis.

As it turns out, there is a security company who is taking advantage of their clients who couldn’t be bothered with monitoring their automatic withdrawals. This particular security provider is banking on the fact that at least 10% of their customers won’t notice that their monthly monitoring fees are being withdrawn not once, but twice or even three times per month.

Please do not fall victim to this outrageous practice. Make sure to check your bank statements on a regular basis. Make sure you are dealing with companies that you can trust.



Five Factors When Selecting Your Security Provider

Choosing a security provider or changing to a new one is a big step. How do you know which company is the right one. How can you be sure that the new provider is better than your current one?

1.     Trust

As I mentioned earlier, trust should be the very first factor to consider when choosing your security provider. Trust is not an easy factor to determine in a single meeting. Do you feel comfortable that you are talking to someone trustworthy? Is there eye contact? Trust your gut feeling.

2.     Customer Support

The level of customer support is the second most important factor to consider. No company is without challenges. But how will they be solved? Is there after-hour emergency response available?  Will there be proper follow-up? What was your first impression of the security representative. Did he or she arrive on-time?

3.     Competence

Do you feel confident that the security provider can deliver the peace of mind you are looking for? Does the monitoring station know the area you live in? If they are located in a warm climate, how do they understand that a wireless contact may fail if it is minus 36° outside. Ask for testimonials and verify the company’s history.

4.     Experience

Does the security provider have a proven track record? Have they been in business long enough to understand the security industry? A brand new security company might offer you fantastic discounts because they want to quickly build up their clientele.  Will they get too big too fast to stay consistent in their level of customer support?

5.     Price

Obviously, the price for installing a security system needs to meet your budget. However, you should not choose your security provider based on price alone. You must first consider the 4 factors listed above before deciding if the price is right. The right security company must be trustworthy, must be able to provide you with prompt customer support, must be competent and experienced enough to provide you with the peace of mind you are looking for. Only after you considered all those factors should you negotiate on a price that seems reasonable to you.

If you don’t have a security system or don’t have it monitored, call me for a free, no-obligation consultation. You will be glad you did!

Ulli Robson, Security Specialist, (780) 288-2986.

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