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Why Do Teens Commit Break-ins?

July 9, 2012

What terrible news recently of a young girl slain during a break-in in Edmonton.

Published in the Edmonton Journal, Mariam Ibrahim, July 4, 2012:

Girl slain during break-in

Teen charged with murder after victim, 16, stabbed in neck

It was not quite dawn when the teenager, whose father called her “an angel” on loan from heaven, woke to find a stranger in the room.

It was the last thing she ever saw.

Now the 16-year old is dead and a boy the same age faces a charge of second-degree murder for what police are calling a “senseless act of violence” during a random break-and-enter at a north Edmonton home.

The accused had been at a Canada Day party that began Friday night and continued into the early hours of Saturday at the home next door to where the girl was staying, Staff Sgt. Bill Clark said.

The girl did not attend the party.

The boy didn’t live in the neighbourhood.

While Clark declined to answer questions about how the boy got into the home, he did say it “wasn’t a case where he just went in through the open door.”

Why Do Teens Commit Break-ins?

The William Gladen Foundation points out in their book “Juvenile Theft”:

Surveys show that almost all children admit to having taken something that does not belong to them. For most children, theft is a rare occurrence that results from a combination of poor impulse control and the need for peer acceptance. Many children get a thrill from the experience and give little thought to the possible consequences. Juvenile burglars tend to have the same motives as other types of juvenile thieves. They may steel for adventure, profit and peer acceptance or to support a drug habit. Most juvenile burglars do not like to take the risk of stealing in the presence of their victims. To avoid confrontation, most juvenile burglars will choose an unoccupied home or business to break into.

While I never sell a security system based on fear, I do find the news of the recent break-in gone so terribly wrong quite disturbing and absolutely senseless. 

Did you know that your chance of a break-in goes down by 400% with a monitored security system?

These statistics are real. The insurance industry recognizes them. You will receive a discount on your insurance rate. If a would-be intruder has a choice of breaking into a home that has alarm stickers displayed or a home without, he/she will pick the one without.

Intrusions are usually quick and easy opportunities, usually not planned in advance. So protect yourself. 

Here are a few ideas that will keep you and your loved ones safe:

  • Don’t leave your garage door open while you are doing your gardening in the back.
  • Lock your front door. Why do so many people leave their doors unlocked. Do you think it won’t happen to you?
  • Install motion lights that will come on when someone nears your house. Light is a huge deterrent.
  • Activate your alarm system every time you leave your house. Don’t think nothing will happen while you quickly run to the mailbox. Someone could be watching and take advantage of the situation in split seconds.

If you don’t have a security system, are not happy with your current security provider or don’t have your system  monitored, call me for a free, no-obligation consultation. You will be glad you did!

Ulli Robson, Security Specialist, (780) 288-2986

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