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29 Tips To Get Your Kids To School Safely

September 4, 2012

Back to School

It’s school time again! Back to school means change in routine, anxieties, planning healthy lunches, buying school supplies, and much more.

Health Canada has excellent information and links on their website relating to Back to School . The following tips are taken from the link “Active and Safe Routes to School.”

29 Tips to get your Kids to School Safely

  1. Parents should start a “walking school bus”. Find adult volunteers to walk neighbourhood children to school.
  2. Accompany children under 10 when cycling or walking. Children up to the age of 9 do not have the skills and abilities needed to be safe in traffic.
  3. Parents, are you a safety hazard? When you drive your kids to school, use the designated “drop off zone”.
  4. Think about the dangers on your child’s way to school, and plan a safe route.
  5. Teach children to play away from parked and moving cars.
  6. Teach your child to STOP, LOOK and LISTEN at all crossings and driveways.
  7. Kids, stay out of the danger zone outside the bus! If you drop something, make sure the bus driver sees you before you pick it up.
  8. After getting off the school bus, wait for the bus driver, a patroller or parent to tell you it’s safe to cross the street.
  9. First trip, every trip, buckle children up securely.
  10. Be an example…buckle up too.
  11. Safety checks across the country show that as many as 80% of child car seats inspected are not installed correctly. Teach family and caregivers how to use your child’s car seat correctly.
  12. Holding a baby in your arms provides no protection in a car crash.
  13. Children 12 and under are safest in the back seat.
  14. If your car has a passenger-side airbag, children must ride in the back seat properly buckled up.
  15. Read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.
  16. Always use the correct car seat for your child’s height and weight.
  17. Booster seats are used for children 18-27 kg (40-60 pounds).
  18. Use a high-back booster seat correctly. Always use the lap and shoulder portion of the seat belt. Make sure second-hand seats are safe! Check with your local CAA office.
  19. Bike injuries can happen anywhere, anytime. Stay alert!
  20. A helmet must fit correctly to protect your head.
  21. Replace helmets at the first sign of damage. Second-hand bicycle helmets should not be used. Even a tiny crack makes it useless.
  22. Teach children how to adjust their helmets to fit snugly.
  23. No baseball caps, please. Helmets protect less if worn over a hat or bandana.
  24. Look for the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) label inside the helmet.
  25. Make it a house rule – “Use a helmet for every trip!”
  26. Teach your kids the “rules of the road”.
  27. Keep approved helmets near bikes so your children will always put them on.
  28. Set an example. Wear your helmet every time you ride!
  29. Small child? Small bike! Make sure it fits.

First Day at School

Did you know that in Germany, the very first day at school has a very special tradition? Every child will start their first day at school holding in their arms the precious “Schultüte”, a large conical bag filled with sweets and small surprises. This custom is unique to Germany and is meant to “sweeten” the entry into the world of school.

Can you guess who the little girl in the picture might be?

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